Diminishing the Dengue Danger: Predicting future dengue outbreaks using Machine Learning on historical dengue and climate data in Singapore

Photo of Aedes mosquito from https://www.shape.com.sg/health/warning-over-10000-dengue-cases-reported-singapore-year/


Figure 1. Weekly trend of number of cases by year (2015 to 2019)


Our Dataset

Figure 2. Dengue trends across different residential households types (2004 to 2016)
Figure 3. Raw data comprising weekly dengue cases, population (linear interpolated), as well as rainfall and temperatures of individual weather stations across Singapore

Data Pre-processing Methodology

Figure 4. Correlation Matrix of rainfall stations
Figure 5. Dendrogram of temperature clusters
Figure 6. Dendrogram of rainfall clusters

Model Building

Deep Learning Methodology

Potential risks of using our model

Conclusion and Review

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